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Create Jobs in U.S.A. by Starbucks

My students all know I love my Starbucks Iced Coffee. It’s the only thing I really drink from there. Hate their hot coffee, don’t need the coffee shakes and why is a panini press messing up the great smell of coffee at my wonderful locations. However, for me, nothing beats a nice cool overcast morning with my iced coffee and a paper, sitting by a window or outside, watching the world pass by.

Back to the point. As I frequent Starbucks I also am aware of most of the campaigns they have taken on over the past decade. Recently Howard Shultz has taken on our political system and quickly pulled back, realizing that fixing Washington would be like fixing the Israel-Palestine disagreement. So instead of fixing D.C., Starbucks began teaming up with other organizations and has been pushing the Create Jobs in U.S.A. program. With this, they have pushed out two products; one being a bracelet to wear and the other a pamphlet on news paper from the Opportunity Finance Network.

What caught my eye was the latter which was designed just like a series of discussion topics they pushed out back during the 2008 presidential campaign. The previous pamphlets in question were called the GOOD Sheets and were a partnership with GOOD Magazine. I loved these not only for their intended purpose of getting more Americans to talk about important issues affecting all our lives but because the inside of the sheets had a great spread on the topics in question. These could be about anything from health care to national service to the economy. At the time I was collecting these to display in my classroom. I got about 3 of them before life got in the way and I forgot to get the rest to save.

I had forgotten about these until this year when I gained a classroom instead of floating at my new school. Needing things to hand in my room and lacking anything from my last school, I came across the few I had in a random box, laminated them and posted them up. However, I still wished I had the rest but again, life got busy again and the idea got pushed back again. That was until the above program was started there a couple weeks ago. Upon seeing the new sheets on job creation, I was motivated to find the rest. At the time I didn’t even know that there was a GOOD Magazine or that those pamphlets were known as the GOOD Sheets.

However, after much searching and many dead ends, I finally figured it out and found them so I decided I would share with all of you.

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