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Linda Darling-Hammond

Image by tbfurman via Flickr

In my travels I come across articles that I find interesting. In the past I have just posted them to my Facebook to share with the world. While I will continue to do this, I am going to move the more education focused ones to here. Plus, I have a sister-in-law who demands twitter posts for these articles and WordPress was kind enough to auto post there since I seem to lack the capabilities to understand twitter. (I know, unconscionable for someone as young as I am.)

Well, here is one article I found. At the Washington Post they have two competing education blogs; the Answer Sheet by Valarie Strauss and one by Jay Mathews. I tend to lean towards Strauss and as for Mathews, I disagree with many of his ideals but every now and then will give him a look to see how the other side lives.

Good thing I checked him out recently. He wrote an article which I hope will be the first steps in a reevaluation of his beliefs similar to what Diane Ravitch when through before The Death and Life of the Great American School. Mathews has never been a fan of Linda Darling-Hammond as he will say but he does admit success when he sees it. (Which is why I still read him. He is reasonable and thoughtful, even when I completely disagree with his ideas.)

So I encourage all of you to check out his article: Alma mater’s improvements knock me sideways.